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Lakeside Playground

On our little stretch of Lake Macquarie, the waterfront reserve hugs the shoreline for a good couple of kilometres, allowing dog walkers, fishermen, joggers, parents with prams, and anyone else who fancies a stroll, the chance to get off the road and take in some magnificent views.P1010789

The unmarked pathway includes some wonderful shady spots with majestic gum trees towering overhead, access to a strip of sandy beach, and plenty of opportunity for Icklegen to run around in the great outdoors just a stone’s throw from her front door.P1010763P1010785

There are often kookaburras cackling in the trees, giant fish leaping out of the lake and occasionally pelicans foraging for fish at the water’s edge, Natural beauty a-plenty. And also some man-made touches.

In some areas, the lakeshore seems like an informal open-air boat house: tinnies are chained to trees at certain key points and a few catamarans find temporary moorings on the grassy banks. And then, of course, there are plenty of craft on the water, some in better condition than others.P1010752P1010764

And when you take a closer look at some of the trees, there are some surprises in store. Like ropes and beams to climb up. (Icklegen definitely likes the look of this one – yikes!)P1010738P1010746

Or a homemade swing.P1010779

And then quiet spots to rest for a while.P1010758

Or play on.P1010757

A playground with a difference.