Veggie Patch

P1020096Some time ago, I mentioned my plan to start a little veggie patch at home. It’s taken us a while, but we finally acquired some seedlings from Bunnings*, which have been planted for a couple of weeks now. And they seem to be doing pretty well in their new surrounds, despite Icklegen’s exuberant watering technique and my inability to have grown anything in the last few years.P1020091P1020097

I’ll admit to having a slightly grand vision for our patio-cum-nursery: tomato plants weighed down with delicious ripe fruit, beans clambering up trellises, herbs bursting out of terracotta pots…you get the picture. But, for the moment, I’ll be content with our modest collection of tiny plants in plastic pots. Icklegen certainly is. She names the various seedlings after me as she wanders along with her pint-sized watering can “basil, parsley, mint, peas, carrots.” And we enjoy rubbing the leaves of the different herbs between our fingers to release their special fragrance.P1020108

And, hopefully, from this initial experience will come the realisation that not all food has to be plastic-wrapped and delivered in anonymous grey plastic bags by the man from the local supermarket. But, rather, that it can be grown by a mummy and her little girl in a few pots on their patio. Green fingers permitting.P1020116

*Bunnings: leading retailer in Australia and New Zealand, selling a vast range of DIY hardware and garden supplies. 

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3 thoughts on “Veggie Patch

  1. Jean

    Did you paint the blue on the brickwork? This is so fascinating. When we went to Morocco we visited the home of Yves St Laurent in Marrakesh. In his garden most vertical walls, posts, gaxebos were painted in this strong blue colour. I found it strange. However he also had exotic succulents in beautiful blue pots, some were enormous and it gave the rather arid looking garden a different dimension. For a while this blue has been the’ in look’ but it didn’t appear at Chelsea at all this year. White marble and granite were the designers latest craze!
    Has your little girl got her own trowel and fork, even a wheelbarrow? Please get this in advance for Christmas if it would please you both. Can you grow radish? They come up quickly and are easy to sow for little fingers.

    1. Laura Post author

      Dear Jean,

      I love the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh, although I’ve only had the chance to visit it once. Alas, the blue on the brickwork you are referring to may well be our vast water tank! Perhaps we shall get adventurous with a few paintbrushes one day…

      Ickle doesn’t yet have her own trowel and fork. We’ll have a look around for a set and I’ll report back on what we find. We’ll search out some radish seed as well. We’ve got quite a bit of space left on our patio, so ideas are very welcome.

      Much love, Laura and Icklegen x

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