Veggie Muffins

Sometimes I wonder whether Icklegen is getting enough veg in her diet. There are times when she will happily tuck into broccoli spears and green beans, and others when she turns her nose up at everything I put in front of her.P1020136

So, I do resort to disguising and hiding veg in unsuspecting locations. And one of my favourite, and most successful, attempts to-date has to be Veggie Muffins. This recipe manages to stuff a phenomenal amount of healthy veg (grated carrots, pumpkin and courgette/zucchini) into a savoury cake base. And the resulting muffins taste pretty good too, especially warm from the oven with a extra dab of butter and some cheese; otherwise, they can be a bit on the bland side.P1020130

Ickle and I often make a batch together. She loves to eat her veggie muffins warm or cold, and I occasionally pop one in her lunch box as an alternative to a sandwich.P1020125P1020124

Note: I’m still experimenting with the baking time, as my batches seem to take a whole lot longer than 20 minutes to cook through. Maybe it’s just my oven.

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