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Lovely Lunchbox

P1020339A lunch box doesn’t get much more snazzy than this!

PlanetBox wasn’t just a random choice from the local supermarket; oh no, this is the fruit of a fair few hours’ research on the Internet. I decided late last year that Ickle could do with a more comprehensive solution for taking her snacks to daycare. I happened to be going through an anti-plastic stage at the time, and PlanetBox kept cropping up as an alternative worth a closer look.

It definitely sets out to appeal to the eco market (although let’s forget about the distance it travelled from the US* to get to my front door). Much has been written about the dangers of using plastic containers for food storage; lead, BPAs and phthalates are just some of the nasties that can leach into food and drink, with potentially damaging consequences. So, I figure the less I use plastic, the better.P1020346

Made from stainless steel, PlanetBox strikes me as a modern take on an Indian tiffin carrier crossed perhaps with a thali tray. It comes in three different sizes and configurations. Given Ickle’s propensity for grazing at mealtimes, we opted for the Rover, which has a variety of different sized compartments. The Rover package includes a Big and Small Dipper, two stainless steel containers with silicone rubber seals to prevent sloppy, wet foods from leaking. We also succumbed to a set of magnets for decoration and a bright pink carry bag,. Yup, the full whammy. Well, it was a Christmas present, after all.

I love dreaming up combinations of food to entice Ickle to eat and enjoy her food. Here is yesterday’s effort:


– Rice wrap with avo, red kidney beans and grated cheese (a current favourite)
– Mixed veg: baby corn, carrot sticks and cucumber wedges
– Fruit salad: mandarin, strawberry and blueberry
– Last night’s leftovers: macaroni and peas
– Sweet treat: handful of sultanas

In short, we love our PlanetBox. It’s not without its downsides, of course. First, at $85 (AUD) for the kit (as per pricing on at the time of writing), it doesn’t come cheap (let’s hope it lasts, hey); the seal on our Big Dipper has never stayed in place and I binned it a couple of weeks ago (so no wet, sloppy food in that container, then); last, it’s pretty heavy, so all very well for me to cart to and from daycare, but how will Ickle get on when she starts at pre-school, and needs to carry it with all the other stuff kids need to take with them?P1020349

*PlanetBox is now available in Australia from biome eco stores – presumably they ship them en masse, so guaranteeing a lower carbon footprint per item.

Clive, the Cress Head


Well, hello. What have we here?

Meet Clive, our resident cress head. He’s been with us for just over a week now, and is comfortably settled on the kitchen window sill (although we took him outside for this pic). He’s doing very well; his growth from a few little seedlings to a full head of hair has been nothing short of phenomenal. It almost seems a shame to send him for the snip…

I can’t claim credit for Clive, although I did remember to water him once we got him safely home from playgroup. Ickle was in charge of his design and delivery, and she has been quietly tracking his progress ever since. In fact, he has been much more of a hit than the little veggie and herb pots we planted a while back.

That experiment has not been a huge success, I must admit. Our peas yielded the grand total of 6 dry little nuggets; the baby carrots are currently the size of my thumbnail (surely even baby carrots grow bigger than that?); and the mint has decided to shrink rather than grow. Only the basil and parsley are hanging on in there.

Not that I am put off. On the contrary, we shall try again and be assiduous in our watering efforts next time around. And we’ll make a success of it, just like Clive.