Watermelon Christmas Trees


It was Ickle’s Christmas party at playgroup yesterday, and all the kiddies had been asked to bring a plate to share.

My original plan was to make Melting Snowman biccies with my little helper, but things didn’t go according to plan, so we opted for Watermelon Christmas trees instead. What a great find! They are so easy, especially when time is of the essence. I followed these basic instructions, not that a step-by-step guide is really necessary.


Watermelon Christmas trees are the ideal healthy treat for a hot summer’s day – just perfect for the festive season in Oz. The kiddies devoured the lot!

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7 thoughts on “Watermelon Christmas Trees

  1. Janet and Nick

    Great to see what they look like! I was thinking it would be a bit hard to make them like a fir tree – all the ins and outs of the shape would be a little bit too difficult to prepare with watermelon. Well done! Glad that they found good homes at the party!

    1. Laura Post author

      Oh no, we kept it as simple as possible this time around! Less is definitely more with this one.

      Love, Laura xxx

  2. Jean

    What a beautiful and simple idea for any age Laura!
    We love the rose bush, another very good idea, I hope it survives the heat. Mulch it well to retain moisture and it should be happy for years.

    1. Laura Post author

      I agree that they appeal to all generations, and they can be eaten at any time too. I had one for breakfast on the day I made them, and it was a delicious start to the day!

      Thank-you for your advice on looking after our special rose. I’ll do my very best!

      Love, Laura xxx

  3. Auntie Katie

    Yummy. We love watermelon but we’re more in need of stew and dumplings than refreshing watermelon at this time of year!
    We’ll make these for a summer picnic xxx

    1. Laura Post author

      I did think how unsuited they were to a European Christmas as I was typing my post!

      They’d be perfect for a picnic – you’ll just have to wait a few months more to try them out…

      Love, Laura xxx

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