Monthly Archives: May 2015

Pretty Pegs

P1030038-001There are days when I find it a challenge just to clear away the breakfast things. Baby Mivvy generally has a nap around 9 am, and I like to use part of that time to blitz a few bits and pieces. On some occasions, Ickle is more than happy to help out; on others, she definitely wants to play instead. “Mummy, let’s have a party in my princess palace”, “Mummy, I know, let’s play shops”, “Mummy, I’m going to hide.” You get the picture.


This particular morning, the kitchen looked like a bomb site with dirty dishes stacked up near the sink, pans and knifes in the draining rack, and a whole dishwasher to unload. And Ickle wanted to play. Obviously. With her mummy. Only then, my funky retro peg tin caught my eye. “I know,” I said. “How about you sort the pegs into different colours?” And it worked. Ickle sat down on the kitchen floor, tipped up the tin, and carefully preceded to make several piles of pegs. When she had finished, she looked up. “I know,” she said. “How about I make a rainbow?”P1030043-001By which stage, I was free to assist her (the kitchen always looks worse than it is). And we sat down and created a beautiful jagged rainbow together. With pegs.P1030033