Finger Food Baby

P1030132-001Mivvy is a Finger Food Baby. I started her on solids at around 6 months and, for a while, I didn’t think she was into it very much, and perhaps she wasn’t. I tried to tempt her with different cereals, and homemade fruit and vegetable purées. On occasion, she would cautiously dip her head towards the spoon and take a little taste, but, more often than not, I would spend mealtimes trying to chase her as she ducked and dived. Even distractions, or the tried-and-tested train technique I remember from my childhood, “here comes the train, chugga, chugga, choo, choo,” failed to do the trick.

Then one evening she reached out for the roasted root veg everyone else was eating, and wolfed it down. What a revelation! I realised that the problem wasn’t the food, but the spoon…and me. Mivvy wanted to feed herself.*

So, suddenly and rather unexpectedly, I found myself in the scary world of baby led weaning. Out went the beautifully-staggered purée approach I had followed with Ickle, and in came a range of foods baby could pick up, hold and munch on. Just simple stuff to start off with: toast fingers with all sorts of toppings, pieces of soft fruit, a variety of steamed veggies. Then branching out a little bit more with cheese sticks (the stringy ones you can pull apart), rice cakes, Cheerios, and more.

And now, finally, we are on real food, people. Over the last couple of weeks, Mivvy has sampled French Toast, Tuna Pasta Salad, Chicken and Apple Balls, Fruity Ice Pops, and Zucchini Fritters, amongst others. Oh, and some delicious, bready Raspberry Oat Bars that Ickle and I rustled up for a breakfast treat.P1030118Not everything was an instant hit with little miss, and a lot ended up on the floor, but Mivvy’s “mmm” of enjoyment when her food hits the spot makes it all worthwhile. There’s no stopping this baby now.P1030150* Apparently self-feeding in babies can be an early sign of a strongly independent nature. Ha! I wonder where Mivvy got that from?

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5 thoughts on “Finger Food Baby

  1. Auntie J

    I like this one Laura, what a girl. No problem at all to follow your instincts. Well done. I am so pleased you have a dog, it helps so much with baby food being littered under the table!

    1. Laura Post author

      The beauty of girl power. Nature + nurture!
      Love, Laura, Ickle and Mivvy xxx

  2. Mikha Alpine Toddler

    Dear Mivvy,

    That 4 x ? = 32 sum (required to post a message) really made my mummy scratch her head . . Thankfully, despite spending her waking hours keeping two mightily independent boys out of trouble, she has retained some brain cells! I, too, am a staunch advocate of finger food . . . who wants to eat mush when the rest of the family is eating all sorts of exciting things, eh? But now that I have mastered Big Person food, I am quite happy to feed myself soups and yogurts with a spoon – I’ve come full circle! You should ask your mummy to let you try avocado maki – that is a firm favourite with us Alpine Boys! My independent spirit gets me into all sorts of scrapes on a daily basis (so says Mummy!), as I want to climb everything that my big brother climbs, I want to ride his bike and I want to stay at school with him. Mummy is already having kittens about what to do with us for 2 months over the summer holidays!!!

    Love from Mikha – Baby Alpine Dweller xxx

    1. Laura Post author

      Dear Mikha,

      I’m glad we are giving your mummy’s brain some exercise with our little blog entry quiz! My mummy sometimes has a bit of a think before being able to work out the sums, although she hasn’t had to resort to a calculator just yet.

      You’ll be pleased to hear that I sampled avocado maki over the weekend and it was yummy, although I wasn’t so sure about the black stuff around the outside. Next time, perhaps. Any other finger food suggestions from the Alps would be gratefully received.

      It sounds as if you are a very busy boy. I can’t climb or ride a bike yet, but I can squawk as loudly as Ickle. And we both like to compete at mealtimes with Mummy as referee. Such fun!

      Aren’t summer holidays long? We’ve got until Christmas to wait and plan for ours. I wonder what will be in store for us? Every day will bring a new adventure, I hope.

      Bises, Mivvy xxx

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