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Kinder Springers

P1030493Ickle is officially a Kinder Springer.* How did I not know this before? She is forever bouncing off walls at home, and makes a beeline for the nearest trampoline at every opportunity. So last week at Springloaded she was truly in her element.

The indoor trampoline park is set in industrial/commercial land in Gateshead, an easy drive up the Pacific Highway from our little corner of Lake Macquarie. Sessions have to be booked in advance, or you take your chances and drop in on the day like us.

During busy periods, I imagine things can get pretty hot and hectic in the jumping arena, but Ickle and Ettie were lucky enough to have most of the space to themselves. They bounced with abandon, jostled for prime position, and raced from one section to another; they launched themselves headlong into the foam pits and had to be fished out on more than one occasion. Sometimes, rather sweetly, by each other.P1030492Their younger siblings also wanted to be part of the action, although did spend some time chilling by the fans and in the Kids Only zone. And Bear discovered that a trampoline makes a very comfy mattress.P1030486P1030461For those not worn out by all the jumping, Springloaded also offers a giant inflatable obstacle course and tri-level Play Centre (great for the littlies). As well as a huge range of catered and non-catered party options. Tempting.

Note: You do have to sign a fairly intimidating waiver form before you or your kids are allowed to jump. Details are available on the Springloaded website. Worth knowing.

*Kinder Springer: Springloaded age category for 6 years and under.