Monthly Archives: April 2016

Creepy Crawlies

P1030717Yes, we may live in a land teeming with weird and wonderful creepy crawlies, but there’s always space for a few more.

This weekend, Ickle, Mivvy and I created a colourful collection of giant bugs. The original concept came from a fabulous craft book, Creative Crafts for Kids (Hamlyn), gifted to Ickle by the lovely Auntie KT. What a refreshing change to leaf through paper pages rather than trawl the web for inspiration! And with 100 fun projects to try out, there’s no shortage of ideas*.P1030691We adapted the original colour scheme, opting for green and yellow paper rather than black. Ickle’s new craft box came up trumps with an amazing selection of sparkly pipe cleaners, perfect for our project. Check out our creations in progress:P1030698P1030715P1030702And the fun didn’t stop there. As you know, Ickle and Mivvy love to paint. So they went blob-tastic, transforming their insects with crazy spots and dots.P1030721Ta-da!P1030722*I think the craft book is great. So I’m recommending it. For free.