Cardboard Cubby

P1030757It’s the perfect time of year for cubby houses.

Ickle and Mivvy love their snug little hideaways. Our usual efforts involve a couple of chairs, bean bags and a funky floral sheet draped like a tent. Indoors on a rainy lazy day. Sometimes the tea set comes out to play too, and the girls enjoy a snack or two in their secret abode. Nothing like a tiny plate loaded with sultanas and miniature biscuits.

This week, though, we have enjoyed blissful still sunny mornings on the lake. So, I dug out a cardboard cubby that has been tucked away in a flatpack for a couple of years. Just waiting for that special moment. After a battle to construct it, which I won, we headed outside for some fun.P1030764Boy-next-door charged over to join in the action.  And three little pairs of hands set to work with brushes and colour. For a while. Then, the budding artists clambered in and out of the partially-painted cubby, before transforming it into a truck depot. And a very pretty one, too.vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvP1030771

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