Monthly Archives: September 2016

Trumpets of Spring

Meanwhile, back in Australia, Nature is telling us that spring has sprung: the wattle is in flower, warmth fills the air on a good day, and those magpies have started to swoop…For me, though, it’s still about the daffodils, those golden trumpets of spring that push their way through the earth after months of lying dormant. I have yet to see any in our little patch of Lake Macquarie, but maybe I haven’t been looking closely enough.

So, last week, Ickle and I made our own. With just a few basic supplies: an egg box, card, paint, and a few drinking straws. We were spurred on by the knowledge that Friday 26 was Daffodil Day.* Ickle’s preschool were keen to support the event, and – as well as donate – we wanted to make something special too.

So Ickle painted.P1040070And cut (with a little bit of help).P1040075And stuck.P1040081And we ended up with a beautiful spring bouquet.P1040087And some equally beautiful brooches.P1040110And, later, Ickle and her daddy gave Zizi the bear a complete makeover to mark the occasion.P1040090*Daffodil Day is an annual event run by the Cancer Council. It raises funds for cancer research, support services, and education and prevention programmes.