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Winnererremy Bay Park

20161023_090231Not so long ago, the Winnererremy Bay foreshore was a storage area for waterway operators, cluttered with mooring blocks, piles and sundry building materials. Infested with weeds, it was also used by local equestrians as a horse-training arena.

Hard to picture that now as you look over the manicured park, dotted with shrubs and trees, a sparkling Pittwater as your backdrop. The area is now home to the Flying Fox playground, rated as one of the best in Sydney. Most people I know refer to the whole park as the Flying Fox park. Well, try saying Winnererremy in a hurry, or texting it to a friend…20161023_084841The Flying Fox is our preferred place to play down Sydney-way, although the Apex Park playground opposite Mona Vale beach comes a close second. Why do we like it so much? For starters, we can walk/scoot/bike there from the in-laws. It’s a flat run most of the way, so Ickle flies along. The playground itself is fully fenced, on soft-fall, and bursting with colour. And the setting is simply beautiful.20161023_093441Ickle loves the giant basket swing, spinning see-saw and pirate ship. She’s not so keen on the flying fox (yes, there is one!), but has had her eye on the spider’s web for months. One day, she’ll make it to the top and I’ll be a gibbering wreck waiting for her to come down. Meanwhile, Mivvy likes to hang out in the tots’ corner. With a mini slide, spring rockers, swings and a ship built for tinies, this spot in the shade ticks all the boxes.20161023_09014220161023_09144220161023_092059There’s plenty of fun to be had outside the railings too. Like examining the sculptures planted along the dry creek bed just outside the gates. Or scooting on the track that loops around the park. Or mucking around in the sand and dabbling toes in the salt water down on the foreshore. Or pretending to be civilised over a flat white and babyccinos in the Flying Fox café.20161023_093728Nope – never a dull moment at Winnerreremy, even when the weather is, well, dull. Which it was on our most recent visit. Still, it did give us the run of the place, until the sun came out and the hordes arrived.