Monthly Archives: March 2017

Funky Fungi

This could be the wettest March in recent years, according to the experts. We’ve still got a few days to go before they tot up their totals, but the local mushroom population is out to party.

Weird and wonderful fungi have been popping up to say hello on a daily basis. I’ve never seen so many along the lakeshore. These pics were all taken within a 5-minute walk from my back door.

Except the two images below where, following a hot tip-off, I hopped on my bike and cycled all of 5 minutes down the road. Worth it, though. Could they be alien life forms in various stages of development, I wonder? Nope, they’re mushrooms, of course. Although I’m not sure which species. In fact, I am unable to put a name to any of the wonderful fungi I have photographed. Any budding mycologists out there, please enlighten me.

In the meantime, I shall continue advising Ickle and Mivvy that all the mushrooms growing outside are ‘poisonous’. All they want to do is jump on them, anyway.*

*IMPORTANT NOTE: I read this weekend that jumping on mushrooms is not advisable – inhaling spores from certain species can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.

Fairy Garden

We have a resident fairy at our place: Lucy Rosebud. She comes and goes via a fairy door placed high on a bookshelf in Ickle’s room. Sometimes, she leaves little notes and gifts. And once, Ickle woke to find a heart traced in green glitter on the bedroom floor. Glitter is fairy dust, after all.

But the magic is not confined to inside. We also have a fairy garden conceived and constructed by Ickle with a box of trinkets she was given by her cousin.

Before work got underway, though, we decided we needed a few extra pieces to complete the collection. Hence an excursion to Wyee Nursery, where we enjoyed a coffee and babyccino and fed the fish before checking out their extensive range of fairy ornaments.

Clutching a couple of miniature unicorns, two pinwheels and a bag of pink pebbles (glow-in-the-dark ones, no less), we returned home. Ickle arranged everything until it was a perfect fairy paradise.

And she gave Mivvy a special preview later that day.[Note: this tree-dwelling fairy is not Lucy Rosebud, but may be one of her friends.]