Fairy Garden

We have a resident fairy at our place: Lucy Rosebud. She comes and goes via a fairy door placed high on a bookshelf in Ickle’s room. Sometimes, she leaves little notes and gifts. And once, Ickle woke to find a heart traced in green glitter on the bedroom floor. Glitter is fairy dust, after all.

But the magic is not confined to inside. We also have a fairy garden conceived and constructed by Ickle with a box of trinkets she was given by her cousin.

Before work got underway, though, we decided we needed a few extra pieces to complete the collection. Hence an excursion to Wyee Nursery, where we enjoyed a coffee and babyccino and fed the fish before checking out their extensive range of fairy ornaments.

Clutching a couple of miniature unicorns, two pinwheels and a bag of pink pebbles (glow-in-the-dark ones, no less), we returned home. Ickle arranged everything until it was a perfect fairy paradise.

And she gave Mivvy a special preview later that day.[Note: this tree-dwelling fairy is not Lucy Rosebud, but may be one of her friends.]

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