Monthly Archives: June 2017

Banksia Owls

We’ve been working on these feathered friends on and off for a month.

A few weeks’ ago, Ickle and Mivvy collected a whole bag of banksia seed pods on an excursion to Norah Head lighthouse, one of our favourite destinations. The pods were scattered along the roadside and each one was excitedly scooped up and popped in our bag.

Then my creative duo painted a selection of pods and left them to dry on the verandah, for ages. OK, we forgot about them, although one lucky pod did accompany Ickle to school for “News”. This is a weekly slot where each child in Kindy has to present an object or tell a short story to the rest of the class. Ickle announced that she had brought in “a pine cone from Newcastle”. Well. Almost.

Today, it was time to apply the very important finishing touches to our little pets: the wings. Mivvy also insisted, quite rightly, on a beak for her special blue-feathered creation. She chose black embroidery thread for the desired effect.

The Banksia Owls have taken up roost again on the verandah, but I think they’d look quite cute as a table centre … once they’re dry.

BTW, pine cones would be a great alternative if you don’t have any Banksia trees close by.