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Yes to Dominoes


Woolworths, the Australian supermarket behemoth, has devised myriad ways to get the buy-in from shoppers large and small in the last couple of years. We’ve had three instalments of Aussie Animal cards, complete with collectors’ albums and sound readers, Jamie Oliver’s garden stickers and now, the latest craze, Disney Pixar Dominoes.

The plastic tiles, stamped with Pixar characters, come individually wrapped in purple plastic sachets – one for every $20 spent in store or online. And only 44 to collect. Only. That’s a pretty tidy sum to pay for a deck, especially when you get a repeat domino! But handy for swapsies.P1020900

For Ickle, a lot of the enjoyment comes from opening the wrappers to discover which new dominoes we have received with our shopping. This weekend, there were squeals of delight as each new tile emerged and was proudly displayed to me. Her favourite character to-date: Hamm, the aptly-named piggy bank from Toy Story.P1020907

We don’t play dominoes as such. Ickle loves to carefully lay the tiles from her growing collection on the floor with the identical ones side by side (so maybe no swapsies for the moment, then). And together we build domino walls and knock them down again, or see how many tiles we can pile up in a single column before they topple.P1020916P1020917

Who knew that dominoes could be so versatile and such fun? Someone at Woolies, obviously. What’s next in store for us though: that’s the question.