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Why Blog?

Fifty posts and still going strong! Yep, this blog reached a milestone earlier this year. When I sat down to write my first piece back in September 2013, I thought I’d see where it would take me. And I’ve loved every minute of the journey so far.My blog

People blog for all sorts of reasons. My main motivation is to tell a story for family, for friends, for random strangers, who might drop in occasionally. It’s my way of recording little episodes that would otherwise get lost over time; it’s a diary, a photo journal, a scrapbook, even, dare I say it, a round robin (and I never thought I’d write one of those). And it’s proved to be a wonderful way to keep in touch with nearest and dearest, both near and far.

I did set out with a slightly different mindset, I’ll admit. I looked at blogging as a potential money earner but the more I found out, the more I realised that the commercial aspect just didn’t gel with where I was heading. Not that I really had a huge sense of direction at that stage, or do now for that matter.

This blog is spontaneous, written on impulse. One minute, I’m folding the laundry, the next I’m planning a craft activity or a little excursion. My trusty camera comes along to record the event, and the words simply follow on from there. A lot of my earlier posts were composed sitting in a comfy leather chair in Ickle’s room as she drifted off to dreamland. Now, I write during the day, or at night, when both girls are asleep. These are special moments, quiet moments during and after the chaos of the day, when it’s just me piecing together a little story because I can.

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NSW Road Trip

FAMILY ROAD (1)It’s been a little while since our last post on Icklegen, but there are plenty more to come! We’ve had a busy few weeks planning, and then going on our first family road trip; in fact, our first proper holiday as a family ever! And what a fabulous time we had. I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but thought the best way to do that would be in several instalments. Otherwise, you’ll be bombarded with text and photos before I’ve even got underway.

Our plan wasn’t too ambitious: just to set out from home and follow the Pacific Highway north towards Byron Bay. Given that Byron is an 8.5-hour drive from home, we figured a few stops along the way wouldn’t go amiss, especially with a young toddler in-tow. Besides, it also provided the ideal opportunity to explore some of the coastal regions of New South Wales.

To give you a little taster of what will follow, here are a few snapshots from the various stages of our journey.P1010837

Glorious graffiti on the V-Wall at Nambucca HeadsP1010871

Iluka: a fishing village on the Clarence RiverP1010916

Birthday dessert with a difference!IMG_4979

Farmstay in the Byron Hinterland

P.S. I whipped up the blog graphic at the top of this post for free on Canva, a fantastic online tool I’ve used a few times now. It’s pretty straightforward once you get a hang of the basics and the possibilities are endless.