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Cardboard Cubby

P1030757It’s the perfect time of year for cubby houses.

Ickle and Mivvy love their snug little hideaways. Our usual efforts involve a couple of chairs, bean bags and a funky floral sheet draped like a tent. Indoors on a rainy lazy day. Sometimes the tea set comes out to play too, and the girls enjoy a snack or two in their secret abode. Nothing like a tiny plate loaded with sultanas and miniature biscuits.

This week, though, we have enjoyed blissful still sunny mornings on the lake. So, I dug out a cardboard cubby that has been tucked away in a flatpack for a couple of years. Just waiting for that special moment. After a battle to construct it, which I won, we headed outside for some fun.P1030764Boy-next-door charged over to join in the action.  And three little pairs of hands set to work with brushes and colour. For a while. Then, the budding artists clambered in and out of the partially-painted cubby, before transforming it into a truck depot. And a very pretty one, too.vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvP1030771

Wyong Milk Factory


There’s always something fascinating about old buildings that have gained a new lease of life. So, when I read about Wyong Milk Factory in our local newspaper, I knew we had to pay it a visit. Although, if truth be told, the focus of the article was actually about the opening of an artisan chocolate shop on the premises. Now, who can resist such temptation on their doorstep?P1020283

As you zoom down the Pacific Motorway towards Sydney, you can see the factory tucked away below the security barriers. But the actual access route takes you along country roads, past rural properties and through the bushland. For someone with such a poor sense of direction as myself, and proudly GPS-less, this is slightly alarming; however, we got to our destination without a single wrong turn. Result.P1020310P1020327

The Milk Factory is home to a variety of small businesses including a bakery, café, cheese shop and, of course, the aforementioned chocolate shop. It’s a funny place, with its sprawling old industrial buildings that hark back to its past as a buttery and milk-bottling plant. And its semi-rural setting is interesting too. The factory is set on the banks of the Wyong River, but in the background there is the ever-present buzz of traffic roaring along the motorway.P1020290

We started our visit at Luka. The chocolate shop was set up by a Russian couple who only moved to Australia a few years ago, and who completely retrained as chocolate makers on arrival. The premises incorporates a rather austere space-age café, but the treats on hand add the luxury edge: waffles, ice-cream, real hot chocolate…mmm. A viewing window allows visitors to peek into the preparation zone, although, alas, no chocolates were being made while we were there. But there are dozens of beautiful hand-crafted gems on display for purchase. We escaped rather lightly with a strawberries-and-cream pink heart that Ickle had fallen in love with.P1020295P1020304

After a little break in the picnic area overlooking the river, we headed for the playground, located just by the main car park entrance. I hadn’t even realised it was there; only a chance meeting with another mum on the day prompted us to check it out. It’s not a huge site, but it is beautifully thought-out and original too, especially the colourful little cubby house wrapped around a tree; the giant pencils also proved a great hit. And we had the whole place to ourselves. Mind you, it was a particularly chilly day.P1020324P1020315P1020321

Our visit ended with a retreat to the Milk Factory café, where we defrosted over a very nice impromptu lunch.P1020287