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Little Christmas Tree

Hmmm, I thought we’d left it a bit late in the day to get a Christmas tree. I can’t remember a year without the real thing: that beautiful pine scent and needles all over the floor are so much a part of the festive season. And I hope they will be for Icklegen too. But I did wonder if there would be any trees left on 21st December. Christmas seems to start SO early every year. Not a problem if you have an artificial tree, which will live forever (really), but a wee bit of an issue if you want a real one to last the distance. Hence why we hadn’t got one earlier.7-IMAG0488

Daddy Ickle was a man with a plan though, and Icklegen and I were more than happy to go along for the ride. Destination: Tumbi Umbi*. Don’t you just love that name? I could quite happily live in a place called Tumbi Umbi, and it’s home to a wonderful little Christmas Tree Farm, too. Well done, Daddy Ickle!6-IMAG04805-IMAG0475

And the excitement didn’t stop there either, because at Tumbi Umbi’s Christmas Tree Farm, you can choose your own Christmas tree and then chop it down. Not such a daunting prospect as the trees are relatively small. Nope, this is not the place to go if you want a giant, ceiling-scraper with room for hundreds of baubles; these are ickle trees, but my, are they beautiful. And I soon got carried away with the process of picking one out. As did Icklegen. Our little girl is something of a tree hugger, although I think she found this variety a little prickly.2-IMG_20131221_0935324-IMG_20131221_093559

Daddy Ickle was swift with the saw and we ended up with a little beauty: gorgeously green and vibrant, with that oh-so-important Christmassy scent. It’s now in pride of place in our living room, twinkling with fairy lights, which Icklegen keeps trying to blow out. And I think we have the beginnings of a lovely family Christmas tradition that will see us go back to Tumbi Umbi next year to do the same again.1-IMAG04851-IMG_46892-IMG_4688

*Tumbi Umbi is an Aboriginal name meaning ‘a place of much water’.