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Ickle Decorations

Ickle and I have been getting crafty in the run-up to Christmas. We’ve made a variety of decorations to add to the small collection of baubles I’ve accumulated over the past few years.

I can’t take the credit for the original ideas behind these creations, although we have stamped our mark on each. There’s a whole host of colourful and fun ideas online for getting toddlers involved in making Christmas ornaments. And that’s where the inspiration for our selection came from.


A classic, and perfect for little fingers, although the ribbon-threading and tying is probably best left to big people.P1020756-001

Ickle found this activity the most fun by far. Possibly because it was the messiest. We stuck squares of coloured paper on a large sheet of card, let it dry and then cut out our Christmas shapes.


My favourite of the bunch (dig the Frozen colour scheme) although Ickle wasn’t so keen. I made up the star templates in advance by sticking paddle pop sticks together (like for last year’s sparkly snowflakes). Then, we smeared them with glue and stuck the buttons on. Or rather I did, while Ickle selected the colour and size of each button.


Easy. And this time the glueing was undertaken with enthusiasm by my little helper!


Because, as we all know, a Christmas tree is not complete without a crazy pink angel on top.