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Happy Campers

The school holidays may now be a dim and distant memory, but I didn’t want to miss out on sharing our special camping trip with you.

“We’re heading to Treachery for a few days,” I’d been telling friends.

“Treachery?” they replied. “Where’s that?”

It turns out that Treachery is the name of a campsite at Seal Rocks, about 2.5 hours’ north of our Lake Macquarie home. And it is a popular holiday destination … to those in the know.

With some trepidation, I booked us in for three nights. What if the girls hate it? I wondered. What if they get freaked out by life under canvas and want to leave?I needn’t have worried. They loved it. Pitching a tent, toasting marshmallows on the campfire, watching spontaneous puppet shows, playing ‘Beanie Boo go’ (don’t ask – I’ve got no idea), hanging out with their cousins at the beach …And – hey – the campsite even had its own little café with barista-made coffee. We were practically glamping!

We didn’t venture much further than Treachery Beach this time. But we did go for a beautiful nature walk along the clifftops where we intrepid explorers spotted a diamond python, a scary spider, and a pod of dolphins in the water below.

On our next visit to Treachery – and we’ve already decided on a next visit – we plan to check out the local lighthouse and maybe some of the eateries at nearby Blueys Beach.