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Sparkly Snowflake


It’s wintertime here in Oz. The first snow has fallen in Perisher, one of Australia’s best-known ski resorts, located in the aptly-named Snowy Mountains of NSW. And it’s June, which for me was, and still is, the start of summer. I can’t seem to get my head around winter in June, despite living in the southern hemisphere for 5 years. Especially with warm sunny weather such as we enjoyed last weekend. Surfers were out in force at Catherine Hill Bay, and Ickle decided to have an impromptu dip in the ocean, fully-clothed.

In the true spirit of the season, however, we have organised a ‘Winter Wonderland’ themed party for our end-of-term playgroup session this week. Ickle will be going as a snowflake, complete with a gorgeous mini white tutu. And we’ll be making snowflakes too. Not the traditional white sort, but sparkly ones in a variety of rainbow hues. So, Ickle and I had a test run.P1020231P1020232

First, I prepared the lolly stick (paddle pop) stick templates while Ickle slept. I played around with them a bit as you can see. Multi-pronged Jenga. Almost.P1020237

Then, with Ickle super-excited to find a craft activity laid out ready and waiting for her after her nap, we got down to the serious business of glueing and sprinkling glitter confetti. Absolutely everywhere. I’m sure I’ll be finding little bits and pieces in strange places for weeks to come.P1020239

But, it was fun, and easy, and the end result looks pretty good too.P1020255P1020257



Homemade Thank-You Cards


Icklegen and I decided to make our own thank-you cards for the wonderful gifts she received at Christmas. Given my lack of inspiration on where to start with this, I turned to my trusty Google search engine (how did we cope before the Internet?) and found this page full of original ideas for children.

A lot of the suggestions are a bit beyond a young toddler, such as “let her make up a story about the gift,” and will have to be saved for future years. We opted instead to create a set of unique art cards – basically cutting rectangles out of one of Icklegen’s paintings and then glueing them to folded blank card.

Firstly, and most importantly, Icklegen had to create her one-off masterpiece. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun with this. Painting is always a very messy business in our household, and nearly always followed by a bath or shower. This time though, Icklegen was kitted out in her super-trendy Da Vinci art smock (courtesy of one of her lovely aunties). We still managed to create a fair amount of mess, but it was more *contained*.P1010482P1010484

Once the painting was complete, I pegged it out to dry and scampered around tidying up.P1010503

While my mini Da Vinci was comfortably tucked up in bed, I did some valuable behind-the-scenes work on her chef d’œuvre: cutting, glueing, and writing…And voilà: a rainbow of homemade cards, ready to mail out. P1010521