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Those who know me well may be a tad surprised by this post in praise of…Macca’s*. After all, aren’t the golden arches best known for – gulp – cheap junk food? And, while we’re on the subject, are a Big Mac and fries really food at all?20151016_115154I am a recent convert to the delights of Macca’s. Apart from a few random stops on the motorway, I really haven’t frequented the chain at all. But a few mummy friends assured me that it was a great place for kids. And – you know what – they were right. Our local Macca’s is a mere 20-minute drive away in Swansea. Air con keeps it blissfully cool at this time of year (a real plus in the Aussie climate), and it also incorporates a McCafé, catering to the national obsession with all things caffeine and cake. No need to head to Macca’s for a burger and fries, then, when you can get your coffee and sugar fix there instead.

On Friday, the girls and I unexpectedly had a day to ourselves. The mercury was set to soar, so I hit on the idea of Macca’s followed by a visit to the library next door. Ickle knew exactly where we were heading; the golden arches soar above the roundabout into Swansea, and the soft play area adjoining the outlet is also easily visible. Someone at Macca’s clearly knows how to attract the ickle generation.

First stop, McCafé where Ickle selected a strawberries & cream macaron, while I opted quelle surprise for a flat white, along with a scone to share. OK, so the macarons are not a patch on the Ladurée delicacies I dream of from my Paris days (sigh), the scone wouldn’t get a look in at a Devonshire cream tea (um, squirty cream for one), and the much-publicised barista-made coffee is passable at best.

But – hang on – let’s not be snobby here. This is Macca’s and I’ve spent less than $7, in return for which I get to sit in a beautifully cool space with my girls and watch the world go by. And then, they get to use some excellent play equipment outside, on soft fall (love that surface – way less dirt for Mivvy to munch on). Like I said, the mummies were right: Macca’s is great for kids, and it’s a pretty good spot for their mummies too.Macca's1*Australians love their diminutives, hence McDonald’s becomes Macca’s.

Tea Party Time


Bundy and I took Ickle and Baby Lil to our local library for a little trip out. After Ickle had posted our almost-overdue books in the box at the entrance, she scooted along to the children’s corner to see what was on offer. And we ended up with a small selection of books, including the very pink, very sparkly and ever-so-slightly trashy Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie. We did try to dissuade Ickle from this choice, but to no avail. This book was coming home in our library bag, like it or not.

And to our surprise, we’ve had good mileage out of it. The book recounts the story of two young divas* who decide to organise a tea party, with a little help from their fairy friends. Ickle has requested it for pre-nap and bedtime reads on numerous occasions. Perhaps it is the pink (on every page) she finds so attractive…or the glitter…or possibly the cupcakes. Hmmm, most likely the cupcakes. So I suggested that, just like Sophia Grace and Rosie, we organise our own tea party, complete with pink-iced treats.P1020481

First step: invitation design, which went very well. Ickle is now creating shapes with her colouring pens, and not just random scribbles. And stickers are always a fun addition to any artwork. We steered clear of the glitter this time. Phew!P1020475

Next, the yummy part: making and decorating the cupcakes. Although Mummy and Nana J did this bit while Ickle was sleeping, so she would have a surprise waiting for her when she woke up. Great icing by the way, Nana! And pretty yummy cupcakes too. P1020483

*Sophia Grace and Rosie are regulars on The Ellen Show, where they chatter away and perform a variety of songs. They have also made their own movie. Not bad for two children under ten.