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Baby Lil

Things have been rather quiet on Icklegen of late, but here in the real world life has been busy. Baby Lil appeared on the scene a little over three weeks ago, just a day after her grandparents, Nana and Bundy, arrived from the UK. Now that’s what I call good timing.IMG_0709

So, it’s welcome again to infant nappies, feeds at all hours of the day and night, and the joy and excitement of seeing a little person grow and develop. Ickle loves her little sis. She is always eager to hold her hand or give her a kiss and a cuddle…or five or six. She is the first to hear Lil cry out when she wakes from a daytime snooze, racing to her side. And I have a special little helper at nappy-change time and companion during feeds.IMG_0717

Juggling two littlies – meeting their needs and keeping them happy – is far from easy, even with several extra, expert, pairs of hands to help out. But, we’re making good progress. And Baby Lil is certainly playing her part: she feeds and naps and then feeds and naps some more, and she’s already been to two of our favourite cafés for lunch (blissfully sleeping in her car seat through both meals). Let’s start as we mean to go on!IMG_0780

Photo credits: all photos in this post were taken by Nana J, talented happy snapper, champion knitter and seamstress, skilled ironer of clothes, and dab hand in the kitchen.