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Circus Antics

Ickle spotted them first, the giant inflatable clowns positioned at various strategic locations around Swansea. A dulll are-we-there-yet car journey suddenly became exciting, because there was something different to look at, something fun! Yes, folks, the circus is in town. And we wanted to see what it was all about. So last weekend, we headed to the Big Top in Quinn Park.

We had opted for ringside seats. Although at the more expensive end of the range,* it was so worth it. Sitting just two rows back from the ring, we had an unobstructed view of the action (give or take a few stray heads).

Webers Circus are currently on tour in NSW with their “Wild West” show. In keeping with the theme, we were treated to whip cracks, Cowboy and Indian costumes and line dancing. The real attractions, however, were the main acts – but which was the showstopper?

Perhaps it was the talented juggler.Or the queen of hula hoops.Or the Lyra, where the circus artists performed aerial acrobatics, and succeeded in folding their bodies in ways I didn’t think were humanly possible.Perhaps it was the Wheel of Death, where the star performer kept impeccable balance, and a huge grin on his face, as he ran inside a huge metal hoop. And then outside it. And then did it blindfolded. High above the circus ring.

Or the grand finale, the Russian Swing, which catapulted acrobats high into the air onto a crash mat. And, more daringly, onto a chair held aloft by another performer. And even into the arms of a catcher, hanging upside-down by his feet.

There was barely time to pause for breath during the two-hour show. Even during the interval the action continued, with a jumping castle, teacup ride and refreshments outside the Big Top.

We loved it, although the girls were more than apprehensive at the start of the performance. Ickle was terrified the performers were going to fall, and Mivvy announced after the first act that she wanted to go home. By the time we got to the second half, however, the circus had worked its magic on both of them. They want to go again, right now, but we might leave it until next year.

*$32 per adult, $22 per child over 3 (ringside seats)