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Yoghurt Pot Telephone

Icklegen and I made vanilla ice cream this week in my fabulous ice cream maker. What a great invention – no longer do you have to open the freezer every few hours to whisk your ice cream mixture by hand to stop dreaded crystals from forming. Would I actually manage to remember to do that, I wonder? I think not.P1010702

As I was washing up afterwards, including the two empty pots of cream we used in our recipe (I’m a bit of a stickler for clean recycling), I remembered making a very simple ‘telephone’ when I was a wee lass from a couple of yoghurt pots and a length of string. And I thought, what a great little idea for Icklegen and me.P1010696

It’s a bit fiddly for a toddler to make, as you have to puncture holes in the bottom of your pots, knot the string and then thread it through, but it takes all of 2 minutes to complete. Not even long enough for Icklegen to start hopping around with boredom. And actually, your toddler could get involved by decorating the pots with paint, coloured tape or stickers.P1010697

What I wanted was the end product so that we could have some fun calling each other on our yoghurt pot telephone. It took a little bit of effort to explain to Icklegen that she needed to hold the pot to her ear and keep the string taut while her mummy spoke into the ‘phone’. And then swap roles so that she was speaking and Mummy was listening. But we got there and enjoyed ourselves a lot in the process.

P.S. To finish, a quick plug for the cream used in our original recipe: Gippsland Dairy Pure Double Cream. It is thick, velvety smooth and so delicious you just want to scoop it out of the pot with a spoon and devour it. Plus, no added thickeners/nasties like so many varieties on sale (why, when the real thing is so much better?). And no, I haven’t been paid to say this; I just think that good things are worth sharing.

Pasta and String

It was hot on Sunday, so hot that Icklegen and I decided to stay indoors for the afternoon with the air-conditioning on.

We had a great time playing with various toys, reading books and generally messing around. And then she made a bee-line for our craft cupboard. Well, if I am totally honest here, it’s not much of a craft cupboard at the moment; it contains three tubs of Play-Doh and some plastic cookie cutter shapes.

Outside of playgroup, Icklegen and I have not done much craft as yet, but Play-Doh is a regular activity in our household. At some stage of the day, little hands will hammer on the cupboard for it to be opened, and off we go. Purple hearts, pink stars, green bangles, multi-coloured worms and flowers, and those are but a few. We might only have a basic craft kit, but there is no end to our repertoire!P1000769

Today though, I thought, let’s do something different. So I stopped Icklegen in her tracks by diverting her attention with a ball of string that happened to be handily lying on the kitchen counter. I fetched some penne pasta and poured a small amount into a bowl and we sat down at Icklegen’s little table. She proved to be an excellent sous-chef, handing me the pasta pieces which I then threaded onto a length of string. We had soon made a beautiful necklace that wouldn’t be out of place in a Pandora window display.

Although actually, that is the simplified version as, in between passing me the penne, Icklegen played with the ball of string, unrolling it, passing it through her hands and waving it up and down. She had even more fun with the penne, dipping her hands into the metal bowl and moving the pieces around; she even had a couple of crunches on a piece before deciding that it wasn’t any good, and then she threw a handful on the floor.P1000760

Icklegen wasn’t very interested in wearing the necklace; in fact, although it has been hanging over her little table for the last couple of days, she hasn’t paid any attention to it at all. The fun for her, I realise, was not in making the necklace, but in using her senses – sight, hearing, taste and touch – to explore the pasta shapes and string. I think craft activities are going to be a lot of fun for both of us.

Do you have any ideas for easy-peasy craft activities for toddlers?