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Pots of Colour

P1030651It was Daddy Ickle’s birthday last week and the girls, especially Ickle, were very keen to make him something (as well as a cake, that is). So I trotted off to Bunnings, our fave store of the moment, to purchase some raw materials. Nothing too complicated; the idea was to have fun.

And, have fun, we did. Painting is not a regular activity in our household as Ickle and Mivvy manage to make a huge amount of mess every time we attempt it. Leaving yours truly the exciting task of clearing up, while the girls run riot elsewhere in the house.P1020321But this was a special occasion, and Nanna L. had come over to play too, so I had additional support. Ickle and Mivvy surpassed themselves – I’m sure you’ll agree that their pots for Daddy are works of art. I  particularly like the personalised hand prints on each saucer. I later added names and dates, although Ickle’s trademark pink did make this slightly unnecessary.

They didn’t stop at the pots either. Ickle painted both her arms bright pink up to her elbows; Mivvy managed to spatter most of her body, face and hair with a rainbow of colours. And both girls were having so much fun that the session spilled over onto sheets of coloured paper…not to mention the table, chairs and floor.P1020327So Nanna L. whisked the budding artists off for a warm bubbly bath, while I attempted to remove all traces of the morning’s activity before Daddy Ickle got home. I didn’t fare so well with hiding the pots. “Come and see what we made for your birthday, Daddy,” urged Ickle that evening. Ah. So, not a birthday surprise this year, then.

[Photo credits: hand prints and coloured paper on the line – Nanna L.]

A Trip to the Nursery

A nursery is both “a room in a house for the special use of young children” and “a place where young plants and trees are grown for sale or for planting elsewhere.” Combining the two can make for a very successful trip out with a toddler, as we found out earlier this week.13-P1010368

Little Iz and her mummy had invited us to Wyee Nursery for a coffee. And a very nice flat white it was too; Icklegen’s milkshake was also pretty good, although the kid’s size is definitely aimed at an older child. It was GIANT! The nursery café is just a few paces from the gift shop in a small patio area screened with shrubs and flowers. The meals seem a bit pricey (e.g. $22 for a big brekkie), but maybe they are worth the money, I don’t know. Anyway, we stuck with drinks this time.

But Icklegen did not stick with hers for very long. She started wriggling on my lap, desperate to escape (no highchairs are available and she quickly gave up on the garden chair option where her chin barely reached the table). Besides, there were far more exciting things to be discovered in the nursery. Like the koi pond.01-P1010326

And water running down a beautiful glazed terracotta pot, or shimmering in brightly-coloured bird baths.02-P101033109-P1010345

Not to mention the vast menagerie of china animals and gnomes (the ultimate addition to anyone’s garden).04-P1010337 03-P101033612-P1010362

And then, there were the “young plants and trees”, everywhere you looked. Alleys lined with greenery and bursts of beautiful colour. Natives, fruit trees, row upon row of garden herbs, succulents…you name it and they’ve probably got it. Wyee Nursery is a paradise for those with green fingers, and an inspiration for this budding gardener. We have an unused patio space in our front garden and I have a vision of it in a few months’ time – actually, make that a year’s time – transformed into a small veggie patch. Nothing grandiose, mind, just a few tomato plants, some green beans, carrots and herbs, to start.08-P1010344 07-P1010343

Maybe I’m being a tad ambitious…but I think it could be a fun project where Icklegen can muck in with the planting and watering (and boy, does she like to get mucky). And she’ll also see that real veggies do not grow on supermarket shelves, but in the earth, over time. A post on our attempts to follow in due course!

What veggies do you grow in your patch?