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Paper Plate Snowmen

Bet you thought we’d forgotten about Christmas thank-you cards this year…

But no. They have just been a while in the making. Ickle and Mivvy spent a fun craft session stamping paper plates a couple of weeks ago, and I hit on the idea of sending their creations instead of cards.P1030638Only then I realised there might be a slight problem…envelopes. A bendy plate is not the most practical shape to send by post, especially overseas. And I figured it wouldn’t be the most cost-effective solution either, although I don’t believe international postage rates have been increased by the walloping 40% that has been applied to domestic mail this year.

So, I sat on the plates, figuratively speaking. And had a think. For a while. Then both girls conveniently dropped off for a nap at the same time on Saturday and it was time for paper plate action. I Googled “paper plate thank-you cards” and my search immediately returned these wee chappies. They didn’t take long to make, and I didn’t worry too much about the occasional misshapen snowman. After all, the real things are often a bit lumpy.P1030642The eyes, mouths and buttons really finish them off. In fact, if I were organised enough about Christmas cards, which – let’s be realistic here – I’m not, I’d make them again later this year with the littlies. With paint and stickers and cotton wool. Although, on second thoughts, they might be a bit bulky for the post too…P1030645[Edit 2 Feb 2016: A whole paper plate is a tight squeeze even in an A4-sized envelope; the snowman cards neatly slide into an envelope half that size. Just in case you were wondering!]

Thanks Again

Last year, Ickle and I had a lot of fun making thank-you cards after Christmas. So we decided to do the same again, only differently.P1020827

Our starting point was a Paint with Water colouring book Ickle had received from the lovely Auntie A. Initially, I thought she would only have to apply water for the colours to magically appear. But actually her book contained 20 different one-page designs, each with an individual paint palette at the top (great idea and perfect for days away too). All we had to do was rip out the chosen page, fetch a paintbrush and pot of water and get to work.P1020830-001

I helped a little by dipping the paintbrush in the water between colours, and also by dabbing it in the paint, but all the brush strokes are Ickle’s own. She hasn’t quite mastered applying paint within a design, opting instead for patches of colour and the occasional long squiggle across the page. Ickle does love to paint, the only disappointment being that we didn’t have paintbrush handles to match all the colours in the palette. Things that match are very important to her at the moment.P1020821

In the interest of keeping things as simple as possible (see our Melting Snowman post for more on this), we didn’t make cards this time. Ickle painted a set of designs over the space of about a week. And I wrote thank-you messages on the back of each completed artwork, folded them into envelopes and sent them on their merry way. And that’s our Christmas thank-yous done and dusted, thank you very much.