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Wyee Point Reserve

P1030297Wyee Point is one of those suburbs you might pass by in the car without giving it a second thought. There’s not much to see from the main road except the sloping rooftops of a retirement village and plenty of trees. Stop though, and a real treat is in store; this quiet suburb is home to our new favourite playground. We still love the Variety Playground at Speers Point too. Who doesn’t? But, the latter is just a little too far from home for regular visits. Whereas Wyee Point Reserve is an easy twenty-minute drive away, and has plenty to offer.P1030278The fantastic cycle/scooter circuit for starters. We took Ickle’s Mini Micro for the first time this weekend and she couldn’t wait to zoom down the hill. I had no idea the track was so long until she disappeared off into the distance…with Mivvy and me in hot pursuit.P1030283And look who greeted us at the bottom of the slope! A few furry friends had hopped out of the surrounding bush to soak up the winter sunshine. In fact, although Wyee Point is a growing suburb, it’s still relatively rural,* and the reserve has retained a sense of spaciousness and tranquillity. Even on a sunny Saturday morning, with two birthday party groups in attendance, it had a wonderful laid-back feel about it. Whether this is the case in the height of summer has yet to be seen.

The equipment is varied with a spider web, flying fox and spinning see-saw among the prime attractions. And traditional classics such as swings and slides also feature. There are also barbecue areas and covered shelters making it a great place for a group get-together.P1030299P1030328Ickle had a ball moving from one activity pod to another. Mivvy mainly sat on a picnic rug, surveying her surroundings with great pleasure, while trying to surreptitiously stuff wood chippings into her mouth. And Nana L. and I had fun catering to the whims of two little misses.P1030311P1030307*Being rural, the reserve is not all pristine and proper, of course. Ickle’s scooter wheels and our shoes were filthy after a few circuits of the track, and the play area is liberally sprinkled with animal droppings. So that explains why a lot of littlies turn up in boots, then.